Free of "charge"

We deliver and install the powerbank station at your location. Maintenance and management are upon us. If something happens to it? We fix and replace at no charge.

Win win!

Your employees do not have to deal with charging requests! Let us help you give your customers a better charging option with our fully automatic self-service station.

Customer Flow = Revenue

We help you increase traffic and attract new customers to your business by making you visible in our app.

Future upgrades

Our R&D team will continue to update our services, both in the app and marketing for your business. New models for the stations are coming soon at no extra cost to you.

We care

All our stations are powered by green energy and are 100% recyclable! We strive to make a positive impact on the environment and society by donating to several charities. You can contribute to this through a collaboration with us today.


  1. How to get started?

    CityCharge stations simply require an power outlet. We install it and you place it in a visible place.

  2. What if the stations is empty or full?

    We track our stations and refill when needed. CityCharge users will be able to check if the stations are full in the app. So no need to worry.

  3. Do you want to offer this charging service only to your guests?

    CityCharge can hide your venue on the map, preventing visits from users other than your own guests.

  4. Which devices are compatible?

    All CityCharge powerbanks have a lightning cable (iPhone), USB-C cable and MicroUSB that support most phone devices.

  5. What if there is a customer service problems?

    We handle all customer service and inquiries. Customers can contact us directly through our app.